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News for November 2007

  • Adobe RoboHelp 7 available for pre-order! - $79 upgrade price! Read more on the Adobe website. I'll be posting screenshots and Adobe Captivate movies of the new features soon.

  • Adobe Technical Communications Suite announced - Read more

  • Adobe RoboHelp 7 features unveiled at STC. Sneak peeks of were done for the next versions of RoboHelp, Adobe Captivate and Framemaker at the STC Convention in Minneapolis, May 13-16. Adobe's 14-member team met with hundreds of STC members to get their thoughts on the next version of RoboHelp, Framemaker and Adobe Captivate. More details here: Read more in my post on the Adobe Forums. 

  • New versions of Adobe Captivate and Framemaker released! 

  • Adobe RoboHelp 6 costars with Adobe Captivate 2 - My new article on the Adobe Developer Center

Classes Scheduled:

  • November 10 - New York City - Adobe RoboHelp class

  • November 28 - San Francisco - Adobe Robohelp 7 class

  • December - to be announced

  • More Breaking News: 

  • From TEKOM conference: We learn of a great new forum for RoboHelp users in Germany - Check out http://www.robo-user.de/ the Forum is sponsored by Comet Communication and the site is available in many languages including English.

  • See Silke Fleischer's Adobe Captivate blog.

  • Rob Houser - has a new website. Check it out.

  • Flash Video Interview with Silke Fleischer at MAX 2006 View (Flash Player 8)

  • The Content Wrangler has a great interview with RJ Jacquez, Senior Adobe Framemaker and RoboHelp evangelist.

  • Adobe RoboHelp 6 - released! Full details here

  • Adobe Technical Communications FAQ - The synergy of RoboHelp, Framemaker, Captivate and Acrobat into a full tool suite for technical writers and eLearning designers. Read more
    Upcoming Training Classes:

    • April 27 - RoboHelp 1 Day workshop for STC New York City chapter

    • May 13 to 16 - STC National Convention - Minneapolis . I'll present at two sessions 

  • My new website is www.showmethedemo.com . The site will show demos on how to use Adobe Captivate, RoboHelp and Acrobat Connect (Breeze)

  • Adobe Captivate 2 is officially released Read more

  • Macromedia Breeze Meeting is now Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Read more

  • Rob Houser - Adobe Community Expert announces User Assistance Group and new website

Must Read: New Adobe Tech Comm FAQ posted for RoboHelp, Framemaker, Captivate and Acrobat. A new Adobe Technical Communications FAQ was posted on the Adobe website which addresses questions regarding the Technical Communications products.

A must for any user of Adobe RoboHELP or Adobe Captivate:

Other popular and useful sites:

A must for any user of Adobe RoboHELP or Adobe Captivate:

Other popular and useful sites:

HTML Help icon Resources for HTML-based help on the Web:

On the World Wide Web

  • HyperTexas We will be updating developments as they occur.

  • Keyworks Ralph Walden's site featuring KeyWorks and other HTML Help utilities and addons

  • VBExplorer David Liske's site has rich resources for HTML Help in a Visual Basic environment

  • WorkWrite Cheryl Lockett Zubak's site has early interviews with developers of HTML-based Help.

  • Tanstaafl Dana Cline's site hosts interesting Discussion Groups on help-related issues

  • Sageline Publishing "Mr.Index" William Meisheid's Winhelp and HTML pages.

  • Meadroid Jerry Mead's site has good examples and solutions to windowing problems

  • Tools of the Tech Writing Trade Kyle Clark's site featuring HHC2LIST a helpful utility for HTML Help

TOC Talk:
A Comparison of TOC alternatives

Using Multimedia and Dynamic Link Libraries in Winhelp
HTML Help (requires Internet Explorer)
If this is your first HTML Help download there will be an approximate 45 second wait for the hhctrl.ocx control to be automatically downloaded. Thanx for your patience!
Netscape Safe using HyperAct's SiteXtra. Here's how to emulate the HTML Help TOC without ActiveX
RoboHTML's WebHelp Java TOC substitute for cross platform HTML Help.
Java TOC Tab and Tree from Auscomp Java Navigator
will work with most Java-enabled browser
  Coming Soon! RoboHTML's version of DHTML Toc from Webhelp 4.


About HyperTexas | RoboHelp Resources
www.showmethedemo.com | Society for Technical Communication
About HyperTexas | RoboHelp Training Resources  
www.showmethedemo.com | Society for Technical Communication 
John's MayaGlypher Blog

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