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Problem workarounds and linking alternatives among merged CHMs.
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1. Adjusting </UL> to place all sub-CHM "Books" at Level 1

After "tweaking" the TOC as best you can in the TOC Composer, go to the Windows Explorer and find the .HHC file in the project folder.

Notice there is a </UL> placed between the last merged file reference and the final closing </object> tag. This must be cut and pasted beside the <object type="text/sitemap"> tag that begins the list of merged files.


2. Standard link from topic in one chm to topic of another in same folder. (Note the "ms-its:" prefix being used in front of the filename.)

3. Alink button showing Alink topics among all CHMs.

4. Shortcut button opening a CHM in a separate window.

5. Related topics button opening a topic in a Secondary Window.