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I am "archiving" the HyperTexas website and asking my loyal visitors to go to my new site, where I will be updating more frequently. Since 1993, I'm proud to have participated in the growth of the WWW and will devote more time to creating fresh and relevant content for both Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate at the new site. I wanted to keep this site up for archival purposes, so it will remain indefinitely.

Warning: This content is here for archive purposes and covers older versions of RoboHelp

RoboHELP Tutorials and Tips!
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Merging CHMs Reference

  1. Managing CHM Mergers in RoboHTML 2000 (will update to RoboHTML version 9, soon. Most actions are the same. The biggest change is that the TOC Composer is more stable and does not get corrupted when the project is closed and reopened.)

  2. Merging procedures using the older RoboHTML version 7.

  3. Merger Checklist featuring Source Code and examples of using ALink, Related Topics and Shortcut controls as well as interfile links.  

  4. Problem workarounds for merged CHM systems

Topic Linking

  1. New: Converting a "Button" to "Text" in using a Shortcut Control to open a remote topic.

  2. Linking from a web page to a topic in a compiled HTML Help .chm.

  3. New: Opening Word .doc, Excel .xls, Access .mdb and PowerPoint .ppt files from a CHM with the Shortcut Control


  1. External, Embedded and Inline Cascading Style Sheet examples displayed in a WebHelp website.

  2. Macromedia Flash-in-a-CHM example