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Converting a "Button" to "Text" in using a Shortcut Control to open a remote topic.

In using the Shortcut Control for linking to remote topics, you can change the parameter name from "button" to "text" by editing in TrueCode view.
Change this:
PARAM NAME="Button" VALUE="Text:Link to Remote CHM"
to this:
PARAM NAME="Text" VALUE="Text:Link to Remote CHM"

You might have to tinker with the Font parameter to make the resulting text look the way you want it.
Here's an example of the whole thing.
ID="Shortcut" TYPE="application/x-oleobject">
<PARAM NAME="Command" VALUE="Shortcut">
<PARAM NAME="Text" VALUE="Text:Link to Remote CHM">
<PARAM NAME="Font" VALUE="MS Sans Serif,12,0,,">
<PARAM NAME="Item1" VALUE=",Remote.chm">

After saving in TrueCode view switch to WYSIWYG editor view. Don't freak <g>. It will still show the link as a button! Not to worry. Compile the chm and you'll see it works.